Training Division

There are currently two personnel assigned to Dalton Fire Department’s Training Division, located at 404 School Street.

Personnel assigned to the training division are certified to the level of National Professional Qualifications (NPQ) Fire Instructor III.  The department also has seven personnel certified as NPQ Fire Instructor II and twenty nine as NPQ Fire Instructor I.  These personnel assist the training division in the delivery of training programs throughout the city.  Most instructors are also lead or adjunct instructors in our recruit training program. 

The department’s recruit training program is a grueling 15-week school that incorporates all aspects of basic firefighter training. During recruit school, heavy emphasis is placed upon physical fitness, professionalism, and attention to detail. In addition to basic firefighter training, units on emergency medical care and hazardous materials response are delivered during this period. Recruits must successfully complete NPQ hazmat awareness, NPQ hazmat operations, and emergency medical training during their recruit class. Upon graduation from the recruit program, new firefighters must be certified to the level of NPQ firefighter I and NPQ firefighter II, in addition to completing Georgia Fire Academy courses in structural fire control and interior search and rescue techniques.

All Dalton firefighters are required to meet all Insurance Service Office (ISO) and Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council (GFSTC) requirements each year.  To accomplish this, each firefighter must complete a minimum of 264 hours of training annually plus any specialized training that may be required.

The Dalton Fire Department training center is located at 1024 Abutment Road.  The training center features a 3-story burn building, 4-story training tower, ventilation simulator, and a technical rescue/special operations training area. In this area, drills can be conducted for several technical disciplines including confined space rescue, structural collapse rescue and hazardous materials training.