Garbage Policy


Single family Residential (Garbage)
* No charge for pickup of one container once a week.
* Provide any single family residence with free upgrade to 95 gal. container.
* If additional container is requested, charge a monthly fee of $20.00 per can.

Multi-Family Apartments (Garbage) (3 Units or Less)
* These units will receive the same service as “Single Family Residential”.

Multi-Family Apartments (Garbage) (4 Units or More)
* No pickup: “Must use private service”

Housing Authority (Garbage):

* Effective February 1, 2006 there will be no garbage/rubbish service provided to the Housing Authority by the City of Dalton, Public Works Department.

Condo Complex (Garbage):
* If units have public street access, City will pickup single can with mechanical arm truck.
* For units located within the private street network of a Condo complex, the Homeowners’ Association must provide the City of Dalton Public Works Department with an indemnification holding the City harmless for any damages to the street infrastructure which may occur from the heavier garbage trucks.

(Note: Street infrastructure must be approved by Public Works Department to ensure that garbage trucks can safely traverse within the Complex.)

* If complex has access to public street at one location, City will service dumpsters provided by the Association at that location only.

* Any units that have dumpster service it’s the responsibility of Homeowners Association to keep the area around the dumpster clean. City workers will not get out of truck to clean around dumpsters.

Back Door (Garbage):

* Anyone wishing to have “back door service” for garbage collection must provide the Public Works Department with a letter from their doctor stating that neither the resident nor anyone living within the household is able to place the roll-out garbage container at the curbside. Public Works Department may periodically require the resident to update the doctor’s excuse.


Single Family/Residential:
· City will pickup a maximum of “one dump truck load” every two (2) weeks free of any charge. (Note: This service is furnished only when the homeowner does the work themselves. Private contractors must depose of all items themselves.)

· For any additional (non-commercial) load or portion thereof, a charge of $150/load will be required. The payment for this collection will be prior to or at the time of pickup. Clamshell operators will carry receipt books and will accept checks only for the additional pickup.

· Items collected and items not collected will remain same as present city ordinance.

* No rubbish pickup service, except for inert materials such as brush and leaves which can be taken to Brooker Landfill.

Note: These policies approved at meeting of Pubic Works Committee held on Friday, July 22, 2005.

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