Can I ride with the police to observe their daily duties?

Yes, the Dalton Police Department has a Ride Along program. Download the form below and return to the Patrol Division; you will need to provide a valid picture ID.

Guidelines for riding are:

1. You must complete a waiver application and submit it to the patrol secretary or the Shift Sergeant for approval at least 24 hours in advance.

2. Persons that will not be allowed to ride are; persons with known felony convictions or mental incompetents, persons with medical problems, or other persons disqualified by the Chief of Police.

3. Prospective ride-along observers will be the subject of a criminal history check through department files and GCIC.

4. In every case, the needs of the department and availability of resources will determine whether a request to ride as an observer is approved.

5. If the program participant interferes with operations or police actions, the officer will return him/her to the Police Services Center and advise the supervisor of the circumstances.

6. All program participants are required to reflect a neat and clean appearance and are expected to pay for their own meals and refreshments.

7. Participants are not to carry a firearm while riding along, unless they are a certified Georgia peace officer in good standing.

8. Participants are limited to periods of eight hours per ride-along, and no more than three ride-alongs per year, unless otherwise authorized by the watch commander.

9. Participants under the age of 18 are only allowed to ride through a school approved program.