City Clerk's Office of the City of Dalton

The City Clerk's Office Acts as the Official Historical Record Keeper for the City of Dalton. Bernadette Chattam Was Appointed Dalton City Clerk in January 2005 after Working Within the Department for Nearly 18 Years.

As City Clerk, Ms. Chattam Oversees and Maintains All Official Documents and Minutes Dating from 1884 to Present. Currently, the City Clerk Office Employs Three Full Time Staff. 

Additionally, The City Clerks Office Executes the Following: 

  • All Campaign Contribution for City Elected Officials Including School Board Officials. The Clerk Also Qualifies Candidates for Elections, Including School Board Officials. The City Clerk Serves as the City's "Qualifying Officer" as Designated by the Georgia Department of Secretary of State's Office, Coordinating Specific Aspects of the City's General and Special Elections and Interfacing Closely with the Whitfield County Elections Department.  
  • Issues All "Cemetery Affidavits" for Disinterment and Oversees All Issues Pertaining the West Hill Cemetery. 
  • Process All City Annexations 


The City Clerk Maintains (2) Annual Budgets:

  • Clerk's Office in the Amount of $253,620.00
  • IT Department in the Amount of $261,925.00 

The City Clerk's Office Also Bills, Collects and Executes the Collections and Delinquencies for All Occupational Tax and Alcohol Beverage, Mixed Drink, Beer, Wine & Liquor Tax. 


 Actual Revenue for 2015

  • Occupational Tax   $717,619.99
  • Alcohol Beverage   $239,083.33
  • Mixed Drink Tax     $64,980.60
  • Beer Tax                $532,654.79
  • Wine Tax               $75,414.78
  • Liquor Tax             $88,446.20

 Licensing and Permits

The City Clerk's Office Acts as Licensing and Permit Agent for the Following:

 Statistics for 2016 Permits/licenses

  • 1530 Occupational Tax ( as of 2016)
  • 99 Alcohol Beverage Licenses
  • 1 Dance Hall
  • 721 Insurance Companies
  • 7 Pawnbrokers
  • 13 Banks