General Election Information


The General Election for the City of Dalton Is Held the First Tuesday in November in Odd Numbered Years.  All Terms of Offices for City Officials Are Four (4) Years.


• Qualifying Periods Shall Commence No Earlier than 8:30 A.M. On August 21 Immediately Preceding the General Election and Shall End No Later than 4:30 P.m. on August 23; And, in the Case of a Special Election, the Municipal Qualifying Period Shall Commence No Earlier than the Date of the Call and Shall End No Later than 25 Days Prior to the Election; and

Candidates for Alderman Are Required to Live Within the Ward Line Boundaries of the District for Which They Are Seeking Election.

2017 Qualifying Dates

Monday August 21 - August 23, 2017

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


• A Qualifying Fee for Each Office to Be Elected by the Qualified Electors of the City of Dalton at Any General or Special Municipal Election Shall Pay a Qualifying Fee of Three Percent (3%) of the Gross Earnings, Including All Supplements, If a Salaried Office; and If Not a Salaried Office, the Fee Shall Be $35.00.


• Please Contact Whitfield County Registrar's Office at 278-7183 for Voter Registration. 

Voting Precincts

Voting on the Day of the Election Takes Place at the Following Voting Precincts:

  • 1A Dalton High School 
    • 1500 Manly St, Dalton, Ga 30720
  • 2A James Brown Center, Room 202 
    • 2206 Mt Haven Dr, Dalton, Ga 30720
  • 3A City Park School Auditorium 
    • Facing Crawford St, Dalton, Ga 30720
  • 4A Whitfield County Schools Cent. Office 
    • 1306 S Thornton St, Dalton, Ga 30720
  • 5A Dalton Recreation Center 
    • 904 Civic Dr, Dalton, Ga 30721
  • 6A Mack Gaston Community Center 
    • 218 N Fredrick St, Dalton, Ga 30721


• Persons Required to Vote by Absentee Ballot Should Contact the Board of Elections and Registrar, 205 North Selvidge Street Suite K, Dalton, Ga. 30720 or Phone 706-278-7183.


Effective: January 1,2014

Please Refer to the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Act for Additional Information and or Questions Pertaining to the "Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report" and “Financial Disclosure Statements”.


Please Refer to Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Act

  • 21-5-30. Contributions Made to Candidate or Campaign Committee or for Recall of a Public Officer


Local Officials Are Now Exempt from Filing Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports If:

  1. They Do Not Raise or Spend More than $2,500 per Election Cycle, and
  2. They File an Exemption Affidavit with Their City Clerk.

Click Here to Download the Exemption Affidavit.


Please Refer to Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Act

§ 21-5-50. Filing by Public Officers; Filing by Candidates for Public Office; Filing by Elected Officials


• The City of Dalton Has a Sign Ordinance and Use of Campaign Signs must Comply with this Ordinance. Visit our Code of Ordinance Sign section for requirements. 

The O.C.G.A. Section 21-2-414 States No Person Shall Solicit Votes in Any Manner or by Any Means or Method, Nor Shall Any Person Distribute Any Campaign Literature, Newspaper, Booklet, Pamphlet, Card, Sign, or Any Other Written or Printed Matter of Any Kind, Nor Shall Any Person Conduct Any Exit Poll or Public Opinion Poll with Voters on Any ... Election Date:  the Provisions Prohibit Such Conduct:

  1. Within 150 Feet of the Outer Edge of Any Building Within Which a Polling Place Is Established.
  2. Within Any Polling Place; and
  3. Within 25 Feet of Any Voter Standing in Line at Such Polling Place.


• All Local Filings Are Now Made with the City Clerk’s Office


In 2014 Governor Deal Signed Hb310 Which Has a Special Provision for the Call of Special Elections in 2014: "Notwithstanding Any Provision of this Subsection to the Contrary, Special Elections Which Are to Be Held in Conjunction with the State-wide General Primary or State-wide General Election in 2014 Shall Be Called at Least 60 Days Prior to the Date of Such State-wide General Primary or State-wide General Election."