Fatalities First For Department

March 30, 1964

Taken from the Daily Citizen News, reported by Lloyd Gulledge.

Three firemen were killed and a forth injured early today when a brick wall fell on them at the scene of a fire on E. Walnut Ave.

Dead on arrival at the hospital were Lt. Charles (Chigger) Joyce, 38 of 1021 Colorado Drive; Johnnie W. Wofford, 38 of 609 Stillwood Drive and John Earle Ingle, 23 of 301 Pine Hill Drive.

Fallen Brothers

Valiant Men Die Suddenly – March 30, 1964

Taken from the Daily Citizen News, Editors Notebook, by Mark Pace

The telephone rang yesterday morning at the fire hall. The fireman who picked it up and answered did so in a voice that told a story of shock, sorrow and tragedy.

After three fireman died under a collapsing wall of a manufacturing building, their buddy firemen toiled on in shock and disbelief

Broken Helmets Mute

Evidence Of Valor – March 30, 1964

Taken from the Daily-Citizen News, written by “Rip” Whitfield

Three shattered, broken helmets lay on the floor of the Dalton Fire Dept., this morning. They are mute evidence that three good men gave their lives battling a fire.

Several firemen stood reverently about the helmets the helmets and talked quietly about their three comrades who will fight fire no more, and of a forth firemen who lays seriously injured in Hamilton memorial Hospital

Minister Recalls Tragedies Ex-Fireman Salutes The Men

March, 30, 1964

Taken from the Daily-Citizen News, written by Rev. J. C. Williamson, Baptist Association Missionary

Tragedy has again stalked among us. I am an old fireman who spent 16 years of my life in the uniform of the Chattanooga Fire Department riding the big red wagons. I want to say a word for those who protect our life and property.

Each day of his life a firemen lives with the prospect of a tragedy like the one that befell our firemen this morning. Yet, they learn never to worry about it until it comes.

In my fireman days, which ended April 1, 1941, when I became an associational missionary. I saw tragedy over and over among my friends. Five minutes after I walked out of the Number Five Hall one afternoon my company went out on a run and ended up in a store in an intersectional wreck with ambulance also on emergency runs.