Fire Department

Fire Chief Todd Pangle
Fire Chief Todd Pangle

The City of Dalton Fire Department is an ISO Class 2 emergency service provider consisting of 97 full-time employees. 89 personnel are assigned to the suppression division as firefighters. Additional personnel are assigned to the training division, fire prevention division, and as administrative staff. The department has 39 Emergency Medical Technicians, 4 Paramedics, 54 Emergency Medical Responders, 27 certified Georgia Smoke Divers, and 12 CPR instructors. Training hours accrued during 2017 totaled 35,290.

     The department has Special Operations Teams trained in technical rescue and hazardous materials response. These teams are adept at mitigating incidents such as trench rescue, structural collapse, vehicle and machinery entrapment, surface water rescue, high and low angle rope operations, confined space rescue and hazardous materials releases.

     Emergency response capabilities are achieved through the use of eight pumping apparatus, one 100-foot tower ladder, one 75-foot straight ladder, one heavy rescue apparatus, one incident command vehicle, and one mobile air & light unit, all of which are fully equipped to comply with NFPA and ISO requirements. Thermal imaging cameras, which allow for enhanced visibility in hostile environments, are carried in all 5 districts so that all the city’s inhabitants may benefit from this technology. 

     The department has 5 stations located to provide rapid response to any part of the city’s 22 square miles. Station 2, located on Abutment Road, also serves as a training facility with a water drafting pit, four story drill tower, and a three story, 1,664 sq. ft. burn building designed for the burning of Class A materials in all areas of the structure. This facility is utilized to train new recruits and maintain proficiency among incumbent personnel. All fire stations are equipped with stand-by generators to provide electrical power in the event of an outage. Stations are also equipped with a communications duplication system to ensure that the vital link between fire dispatchers and units operating in the field remains intact should the 911 center be disabled.

     The City of Dalton has a total of 1,244 municipal fire hydrants. These hydrants are inspected a minimum of twice annually by suppression personnel.  The department works closely with Dalton Utilities in an effort to ensure that hydrants will function properly if needed.  In addition, there are over 500 private hydrants located in various parts of our jurisdiction serving a variety of private properties.

     The fire prevention division works closely with the building inspector’s office and Dalton Utilities in an effort to reduce the loss of life and property by requiring that all construction meets current fire codes.