West Hill Cemetery Rules

Cemetery Affidavit Instructions

Please Read Carefully 

  • If You Have a Copy of Your Cemetery Deed, You Do Not Need to Complete a Cemetery Affidavit.
  • If You Do Not Have Your Cemetery Deed, But Feel the Deed Was Recorded in the Past, You May Attempt to Obtain a Copy from Whitfield County Courthouse. 
  • A Deed or Copy of the Deed Is Proof Positive That You Are Entitled to Burials at West Hill Cemetery.
  • If You Do Not Hold or Possess Your Cemetery Deed or a Copy of the Deed, You May Complete the Affidavit and Pay a $20.00 Fee to the Clerk’s Office to Have a Replacement Deed Mailed to You.
  • The Clerk’s  Office Is Located at City Hall  300 West Waugh Street , Dalton  GA.  30720 1st Floor.

To Complete the Affidavit, You Will Need the Following:

Date Original Deed Was Purchased

Number of Lots

Block/section the Plot Is Located

Size of the Lot: Example 8x10 or 12x14

  • Acknowledgement of Cemetery Policies & Procedures Must be Signed prior to Issuing a New Deed. 
  • If We Are Able to Locate the Original Purchase of the Deed in Our Records, We Can Provide this Information to You. 
  • However, If We Can Not Locate the Original Purchase of the Deed in Our Records, You must Contact the Cemetery Sexton Terrell Stallings at 706-537-9438 or the Public Works Department at 706-278-7077.
  • Unfortunately, this Office Only Has Original Deed Records.
  • We Do Not Have Any Burial Records. 
  • This Process May Take up to 30 Days to Complete.  After Reviewing the Information, and Issuing the Duplicate Deed, the Deed must Be Recorded at the Courthouse.  If You Have Not Received Your Deed AFTER 30 Days of Submitting the Affidavit, Please Contact this Office at 706-529-2490.