Burn Permits

If you wish to initiate a control burn inside the city limits you must have a burn permit issued to you by an official from the Dalton Fire Department. Please call (706) 278-7363 and request a permit to burn. Personnel will be dispatched to your location if burning is permitted at that time. Certain factors will determine if burning is permitted at the time of the call such as drought conditions, wind conditions, available means of extinguishments, location and type of material being burned. The personnel dispatched to your location will determine if the burn will be permitted and you will be given the proper paperwork to partake in the control burn if he/she allows the burn.

Burning inside the city without this permit is unlawful.
If you live outside the city and wish to burn please contact both Whitfield County Fire Department and Georgia Forestry in order to gain permission to burn.

Whitfield County Fire
(706) 259-7433

Georgia Forestry
 (706) 272-2943